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1517 - 1917

This was the reign of the Ottoman Empire, ruled by the Ottoman Turks, who were non-Arab Muslims. Their capital was Istanbul, not Jerusalem. There has never been a “state of Palestine” and Jerusalem has never been an Arab or Muslim capital.


British General Edmund Allenby conquers Palestine, ending the Ottoman reign.


In November, the British issue the Balfour Declaration, supporting a “Jewish Homeland.”


The British gave the Arabs a state by giving them 3/4 of the land that had been designated for the Jewish people. All the Jews living in this area were expelled. This bequest became the Kingdom of Jordan.


United Nations action creating the independent state of Israel


Following the United Nations action, five Arab armies attacked Israel. Arab radio broadcasts urged the Arabs living in that area to leave so they would not be harmed by the invading armies. They were told they could soon return and take over all the land, not just that allocated to them by the United Nations action. Approximately 650,000 left. Those who stayed have become Israeli citizens, with the right to vote and the right to worship. They have elected members in the Kenesset.

No Arab leader ever came to visit Jerusalem while it was occupied by the Jordanians between 1948-1967, despite its purported holiness to Moslems.

1948 - 2003

What about those Arabs who left, at the prompting of their own Arab “brothers,” and who are now referred to as the “refugees”? First, it should be noted that they have never been allowed to settle in the “indivisible Arab nation.” Secondly, the United States has contributed over 60% of the aid to the Palestinians in the camps, through the UNWRA Relief. It appears to this writer that the Arab nations prefer to keep the Palestinians as human weapons, continually aimed against Israel, rather than seriously seek to assist them in re-settling in one of the 21 Arab countries in the area.

1948 - 1967

The West Bank and Gaza are controlled by Jordan and Egypt. During this time neither country attempted to establish a Palestinian state.


The PLO was founded with the declared purpose of eliminating the State of Israel by armed struggle;


The Six Day War began when Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran and Arab armies invaded Israel. Egyptian President Gamal Nassar declared at the outset, “Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel.”


As a result of the Six Day War, the West Bank and Gaza, the Golan Heights, and the Sinai desert, came under Israeli control because they won the war. (Just as Texas came under the control of the United States when we won the war with Mexico.)


The Camp David accords. Egypt recognized the right of Israel to exist, and Israel returned the Sinai desert, representing over 90% of the territory Israel won in 1967.


There are 21 Arab countries in the Middle East. Israel is the one Jewish state, and the one democracy in the region. 


Given all oil resources with which the 21 Arab countries have been blessed, what major advances have these countries made in the areas of human rights or technology? How has the quality of life improved in the last several decades for the average Arab woman and child?